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Passport Online for Indonesian Embassy

Extending or making a new passport is something that can not be a pretext. This process takes time and that is not easy. But this is no longer valid with the system of Passport Online. Utilizing internet technology, servicing passport process can be bridged with web-based application from Indosolution. This will help a lot of routine works of Indonesian Embassy to more effectively and efficiently, and of course a convenience in the service.

Indosolution Passport Online optimizes your passport process with a variety of services and benefits such as convenience:

  1. Processing and data management to be more effective, efficient and integrated.
  2. Accurately control of data.
  3. Digitizing paper and reduce the use of stationery.
  4. Administration and ease into orderly mechanism for accountability.

Passport Online has module as follows (in Bahasa):

  1. Data Master
  2. Data Transaksi
  3. Lapor Diri
  4. Ganti Alamat
  5. Pulang Habis
  6. Menikah/Cerai
  7. Paspor
  8. SPLP
  9. Penggantian Paspor
  10. Perubahan/Konversi

Using web-based application from Indosolution passport services will change the way of a manual online. This change gives a very effective and efficient for the performance of Indonesian Embassy to the public. Not only that, the passport to be easier and more controllable.

Visa Online for Indonesian Embassy

The process of visa is one of the embassy office jobs of the many time. A long queue and stack at the table form can make the work load increases. Visa Online from Indosolution of Technology have been present to help the working routine of the country become more effective and efficient.

Visa online Indosolution optimizes the handling of visa applications with a variety of convenience and benefits such as:

  1. Processing and data management to be effective, efficient and integrated
  2. Accurately control of data
  3. Digitizing paper and reduce the use of stationery
  4. Administration and ease into orderly mechanism for accountability

Those bring convenience for citizens who want to make a visa. Visa application can be done using a PC or laptop at home that connects to the Internet. No needs to exit the house and provide a special time to come to the embassy or consulate office, rows in the queue, and fill out a form. All can be conducted through the Internet.

Infrastructure Software Solutions

Our infrastructure software solutions consist of:

 Networking infrastructure solutions
Products included in networking infrastructure solutions are Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server, and Ubuntu.

 Advanced infrastructure solutions
Products included in advanced infrastructure solutions are My SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server.

 Information worker solutions
Products included in information worker solutions are Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office OneNote, Open Office, Custom Alfresco, Sugar Forge

 Integrated e-business solutions
Products included in integrated e-business solutions are ThuisZorg, Centric CRM

 Security solutions
Products included in security solutions are Microsoft ISA Server, Sybari, and Norton Anti-Virus, F-Secure.

Hardware Solutions

Our hardware solutions consist of:

 Multimedia Presentation Products
 Server Products
 PC & Notebook Products
 Storage Products
 Wireless Networking Products